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William Murphy is a servant of God, husband, father, international gospel recording artist, and pastor of The dReam Center Church of Atlanta, one of Atlanta’s favorite places to worship. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, William Murphy, proceeds from a lineage of preachers, affectionately known as the Murphy Dynasty. The dynasty began with his grandfather, the elder statesman, Dr. William H. Murphy, Sr. who has pastored in Detroit for over 50 years. The anointing flowed to his father, Bishop William H. Murphy, Jr. who has pastored in Pontiac, MI, for 20 years.

The grace to declare God’s Word was passed down to William Murphy, III at an early age. He acknowledged his call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a senior in high school. He was ordained as an Elder under his father’s ministry, at the young age of 23. During this time, William Murphy,was a faithful and celebrated son serving both, Dr. Murphy and Bishop Murphy’s ministries well. He was influential in shifting both churches from the traditional devotion, at the beginning of the service, to what we’ve come to know now as Praise and Worship. No stranger to servanthood, He served both ministries in every capacity possible: the custodian, the bus driver, the Minister of Music, and as an Executive Pastor.

In 2001, William Murphy, moved to Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Danielle Murphy and their two children, to serve as the worship minister at New Birth Missionary Church. While there, Murphy traveled the world ministering in song and preaching the gospel until he and his wife answered the call to Pastor on September 13, 2005.

January 2006, William Murphy, and his wife launched The dReam Center Church of Atlanta. The dReam Center Church of Atlanta transforms lives while going through the arduous process of growing as a ministry. Truly an anointed man of God, Murphy, walks with a trifecta anointing of Bishop, Intercessor, and Worshiper. His anointing to declare The Word of God and to lead God’s people into worship has now extended into the role as presiding Bishop of Worship in the FGBCF  (Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship) International Ministries under co-founder Bishop Paul S. Morton.

A musical composer (with albums such as Demonstrate, God Chaser, All Day, The Sound, We Are One, & Arise – EP), a perennial worship leader, and Christ-follower who has offered songs that has turned millions towards Christ. William Murphy is “Making the church gReat again!”


Wife, mother, and coach, She is a captivating as well as a motivating teacher and preacher known for her ability to relate and minister to people exactly where they are. She is not afraid to deal with hard issues and traditionally untouched topics. Pastor D preaches a message that provokes one to change. Her ministry and message crosses denominational, cultural, socio-economic barriers with a candid no-nonsense and fresh approach to God’s word.

She serves as Executive Pastor of dReam Center Church of Atlanta, along side her husband William Murphy, Lead Pastor. Pastor D, as her church affectionately calls her, is fueled by passion to bring healing, hope and restoration to hurting and broken women. Her resilience, tenacity, and transparency is testament to the women she ministers to. She always preaches a message that challenges people to move from where they are, to where they need to be. She charges people to move beyond the comforts of their familiarity and be trailblazers.

A native of New Orleans, Pastor D earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Human Resources from Xavier University. She served in ministry at Greater St. Stephen’s FGBC, under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. for 10 years prior to her union to William Murphy. They are proud parents of four children: William IV, Paul, David, and Keilah.

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